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Cattle Gathering

Cattle is acquired from various breeders taking into account the high safety standards .  That way, we ensure the best quality beef for our customers.

Balanced Food Plant and Fattening

The food used for the fattening of the cattle is our own  production. Just the best quality materials are used, which in addition to the facilities equipped  with state-of-the-art technology , result in a healthy and  balanced nutrition.


Once finished the fattening process, slaughter is proceded , which takes place in a Federal Inspection Type (TIF) certified slaughterhouse. This guarantees the hygiene of the place as well as the quality , safety and  trazability.

Processing and Packaging

After slaughter, products are separated in pieces. Some of these are boned, afterwards all products are vacuum-packed , to ensure its optimum conservation.

Storage & Distribution

Our products are stored temporarily under strict  control guidelines of temperature and hygiene before being distributed to both national and international markets.

Customer's Satisfaction

The commitment of our company is dedicating the effort of every and each one of its workers to obtain high quality products, which altogether with competitive prices, translates into the customer's full satisfaction.

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